Sounds About Right: Audiobooks to Help Us Understand the World

#30: If It's Smart, It's Vulnerable with Mikko Hyppönen

November 14, 2022 Episode 30
Sounds About Right: Audiobooks to Help Us Understand the World
#30: If It's Smart, It's Vulnerable with Mikko Hyppönen
Show Notes

Mikko Hyppönen is a global security expert, speaker and author. He works as the Chief Research Officer at WithSecure and as the Principal Research Advisor at F-Secure. He has written on his research for the New York Times, Wired and Scientific American and he appears frequently on international TV. He has lectured at the universities of Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge.

He was also selected among the 50 most important people on the web by the PC World magazine and was included in the FP Global 100 Thinkers list.

His latest book is If It's Smart, It's Vulnerable.

Some of the topics we discussed includes: 

  • How has the internet changed the world for the better and for the worst?
  • When did virus writers begin making money from their attacks?
  • The time he did an experiment where he purchased the items being advertised in spam emails.
  • What is a Cyber Crime Unicorn? & what is Hyppönen's Law?
  • Considering that we are living in the technological revolution, why do barely any European Companies feature in the top 20 lists of most visited websites in the world?
  • How Malware poses the biggest single threat to internet Security
  • What human errors can be the cause of vulnerability to ransomware? 
  • Why 'data' is the new Uranium 

 The Book and Audiobook:  If It's Smart, It's Vulnerable is out now.

You can also  find out more about Mikko on his website

 Or follow him on twitter @Mikko

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